Updated: Link to database resources

I’ve updated the Database and Python sections with dropbox links to the full scheme of learning.

Apologies to those who have posted comments requesting the resources previously, I just haven’t had time to sort it all out!



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One Response to Updated: Link to database resources

  1. I think the sharing of resources such as you are doing is so beneficial to the subject and the profession. Too often the reinventing of the wheel is what takes it’s toll on teachers and sharing means they can create some of their own without having to do everything from scratch. The changes to the curriculum have so many people worried. For databases, I can’t help thinking it is a pity that most use Access even for year 7’s though I totally understand why. Inspire Data is such an imaginatove and visual database I wish it were used more. For example, if it has the ability to create Venn Diagrams from the data, to mark each data point on a diagram and even to create videos from the data. Eg a science experiment, perhaps growth of a plant, the results can generate a video of the growing plant. It means the underlying principles of filtering and querying are made more tangible from the visual possibilities. Even better, you can create a survey, freely hosted by Inspire data, and then share the link so you can have respondants from all over the world and then download the data as a database. So powerful. Perhaps use the 30 day trial to experiment.

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