24 year old teacher of ICT  and Business Studies from York fearfully forging ahead with the unknown world of Computing.

I was whinging to my mum last week about all the time I had spent on preparing to teach Computing in September. I complained about the time I’d spent writing schemes of learning from scratch, creating resources, teaching myself Python and the hours I had spent fruitlessly trawling through the internet in the hope of finding readymade resources. She made a point that I’d never really considered before – surely there were a hundred other ICT teachers doing exactly the same as me. So why wasn’t there somewhere for us to share whole schemes, full banks of resources and methods of assessment? I’m hoping this is a solution.

My aim is to eventually upload all of the ICT and Business resources that we use, although this is taking quite some time! Unfortunately i can’t upload any software specific files (python, access, crocodile etc) but if you want me to e-mail them, just let me know.

If you use any of the resources I post, have any recommendations or improvements, or want to contact me for any other reason then please feel free to leave a comment. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!



20 Responses to About

  1. Maxine Stock says:

    Hi Katie
    I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me the associated file with Python as I have been told I am teaching this but have no idea how to progress.

  2. Laralyn says:

    Hello Miss ICT Teacher. This has been an absolute life saver to find.
    I have been going crazy as I am a new teacher and have to make all my own resources. I teach computing and business studies so it is quite a lot.
    Please let me know if you have any other resources for the other units in Computing A451 and let me know if you would like help with anything.
    My email address laralyn23@gmail.com

  3. Ceara Mullan says:

    Hi Katie,

    You are a life saver. Our department are due to teach Python this week to year 8’s and have desperately tried to create resources that will engage the pupils. These resources are fantastic thank you so much. Could you email me the associated file with Python, I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you once again.

  4. Stuart says:

    Very useful wall displays. Thank you. Please email me back if you would like copies of things I have created for GCSE Computing

  5. piersjj says:

    Hi Katie

    Great Resources. I would love a copy of all your extra files for KS3!

  6. Andrew says:

    Can I have a copy of your access files please? I’m hoping to start this after Easter.

  7. Rosie Hall says:

    Hi Katie,

    Like you I am a 24 year old ICT & Business teacher preparing to teach computing next year. As well as taking on the role as temporary subject leader of ICT & Business arghh!! Your resources seem fantastic and are much appreciated – would it be possible to email me the subject specific resources please? Whichever ones you have would be massively appreciated.

    Thank you,


  8. Javeria Akhtar says:

    Hello Katie

    We have been asked to teach in booklets for the GCSE, I was wondering if you had booklets for anymore of the unit 1 and if you would mind sending them to me.

  9. Kharia Farakh says:

    Hello Miss ICT Teacher. Your resources are absolutely brilliant. I will be teaching OCR GCSE computing and had no idea where to begin from until I found your resources.
    Please let me have any other resources you have for the other units in Computing A451 and My email address is sent below.

  10. karen Gerrard says:

    Hi Katie

    Fantastic resources, thanks.

    Just looking at purchasing Yenka and wondered if you had up-graded from Crocodile.


  11. Maureen Bathurst says:

    Hi Katie
    I am a much older!!:) Business teacher than you but your resources are amazing- thanks so much! I am just about to begin rewriting my SOW for GCSE Business after many years of Btec. I would so appreciate it if you have any more updated stuff on unit 1/3 that you could send me. I am a one person department and will have 7 GCSE groups next year so any help at all would be so appreciated. Thanks so much! Maureen Bathurst

  12. Emma Gill says:

    This is the best teaching resource I have ever seen. Thank you very much for sharing such high quality resources which obviously represent timely hard work. Much appreciated -as a DT teacher who has suddenly been asked to teach ICT- you’ve suddenly made me feel much more confident 🙂


  13. Maureen Bathurst says:

    Dear Kate
    Totally in agreement with the others above. This is a FANTASTIC site! I am sole business teacher in Derbyshire and wondered whether you had any other business GCSE resources finished yet? There seems to be some described in your blog that are not on the site yet? If you have anything I would be so grateful as I am switching from Btec to GCSE and need all the help I can get. Many thanks Maureen:)

  14. John says:

    Dear Katie,
    Bless you for this! I’ve used the OCR GCSE Unit 1 with my year 10s – they absolutely LOVE the style of learning – so very hands-on. They are about to present their videos for the Ethics, Legal bit. I don’t think this topic has ever gone so well. I’ve certainly going to return to (plunder) enthusiastically-reuse more of your great stuff. 🙂

    • Katie says:

      It’s so nice to hear it went well! We haven’t actually taught this unit with our groups yet – it got shelved to concentrate on controlled assessment. Great to know it works!

  15. Becki says:

    Hi Katie
    Just found your site and thanks so much for sharing. Ive just moved into the ICT department in a school in south Wales, only to discover that we too are likely to be switching to a computing based KS3 very soon… will be undertaking a similar project to yours soon I think, just to organise myself as I go, but for now, thanks again for your resources, maybe I can return the favour sometime!


  16. Tony Healy says:

    Hi Katie,
    What an amazing set of resources and thank you so much for sharing. It really does take so much time and energy preparing these resources so your hard work is much appreciated.
    Best wishes,

  17. tonyireland says:

    Hi Katie,
    What an amazing set of resources and thank you so much for sharing. It really does take so much time and energy preparing these resources so your hard work is much appreciated.
    Best wishes,

  18. MO says:

    Hi Katie,

    Amazing work – Thank you very much for uploading your resources – You surely have saved hours and hours of planning time.

    Kindest Regards,

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