Binary Numbers – James May Explains

After searching for several minutes to find a concise, clear and interesting video to explain the base 2 numbering system, this is easily the best clip i’ve found.

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Updated: OCR Computing Unit 4 – Binary and Data

Finally got around to uploading the Unit 4 – Representing Data unit!

We’ve only just started teaching it, so the resources may change depending on how successful it is.

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Finally got around to e-mailing resources!

To all the people asking for the access, crocodile and python files… you should now have an e-mail waiting for you!

Sorry for the massive delay – this week has been absolutely manic! An impending OFSTED inspection has everyone a little bit shaken.

If anyone needs anything else, you know where I am


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Updated: OCR Computing A451 Unit 2 – Hardware

I’ve made some tweaks to the Unit 2 – Hardware resources and have included the SOL. Topics include an introduction to hardware, input/output devices and primary and secondary memory.

I completely disagreed with the suggested order of lessons for this unit. It seemed to silly to delve straight into the CPU, without knowing about basic hardware principles and to teach them binary logic before the binary unit?! Crazy. Therefore, my lessons don’t match any of the OCR materials.

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Branching out – GCSE Business Studies

Although I’ve technically been an ICT and Business Studies teacher for 3 years, I haven’t really taught that much Business Studies. However, as of September, quite a large amount of my timetable is Business Studies so it only seemed right to upload the resource here.

As always, its a huge work in progress! Resources will be uploaded as the department make them.

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Updated: OCR Computing A451 – Computing Systems

These resources are taking an AGE to produce. I’ve updated some of the lessons I’ve made for the Fundamentals of Computing section of A451. None of them are the finished article, and they will need sprucing up before teaching…but it’s a start!

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Updated: Year 8 Python SOL

Updated: Year 8 scheme of learning on Python. This has been written for first teaching in September 2013

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